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About Martins Software & Automation, Inc

Martins Software & Automation, Inc is a 4th generation, technologically advanced, cutting edge Delaware corporation, with headquarters in Florida and field offices in Utah, with proposed additional field & test facility in WY, Martins specializes in industrial A.I, propriety blockchain software, online technology platforms, advanced systems, M.A.R.T.I.N.S (Mobile Automated Robotics Technology Integrated Network System), augmented reality and specialized resource automated robotics vehicles, currently in developmental stage of operation and was created for clients with limited technology knowledge and ease of use, out of the box plug and play system, Martins has multiple trademarks & provisional patents filed for its blockchain software, robotics, advanced integrated systems & solutions, Martins current assets are its intellectual properties, trademarks, provisional patents, proprietary and intellectual assets in 4th generation technology.

Martins Software & Automation, Inc current subsidiaries are, the Robotics Division with focused operations in development and integration of automated robotics heavy vehicles and systems, currently configured for Farming and resource industries, Martins Software Division, a blockchain propriety software that uses advanced blockchain algorithms to create burnable contracts, compress and move large secure data files currently in testing for resource industry and ownex real, augmented reality applications currently configured towards architectural industry, specialized blockchain software, online secure platforms and applications geared towards the real estate industries.